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Coaching for Air Force X, Y & Airmen

Air Force Coaching in Chandigarh

Air Force coaching in Chandigarh

Air Force Coaching in Chandigarh

Ambition Quest Institute provides Air Force Coaching in Chandigarh for Group X, Y and Airmen with exam preparation and test environment. We follow a thorough guide to clear the Indian Air Force exam.

Best Air Force Group X and Y Coaching in Chandigarh | Online Air Force Coaching

Air force Group X and Y coaching in Chandigarh at Ambition Quest Institute involves a full deep study of concepts with all the short tricks.

Air Force Airmen Coaching in Chandigarh | Air force Exam Coaching Online

Indian Air Force conducts entrance examination AIST (All India Selection Tests) and recruitment rallies for Airmen entry in both Group X and Group Y trades. The test is an online examination of different subjects as per the trade. Indian Air Force (IAF) invites online applications every year. This selection process in both Group X and Group Y trades is done by CASB (Central Airman Selection Board).

Why is Indian Air Force Coaching in Chandigarh at Ambition Quest Institute?

  • 45 days or 03 months: – Different course modules are prepared and taught accordingly. Every aspirant has its own set of requirements and preparation techniques. Hence course options are available and candidates can choose as per their need for preparation.
  • Test Series: Assured weekly and mock test series. Revision is the main focus. Repetitive tests are conducted for more and more revision.
  • Examination environment: The test conducted during the coaching period carries a similar pattern as of the original examination. The marking scheme and time provided are of the same ratio. Candidates need to prepare themselves for examination pattern and hence from the very first test the same environment is given to the candidate. Time constraint tests result in speed increase and doubt classes result in the brushing of topics.
  • Topic-wise and full syllabus tests: Not only weekly tests but the importance is given to full syllabus tests as well. Full syllabus tests during Air force Group X and Y Coaching in Chandigarh help students to get aware of their overall knowledge of their preparation and make them focus on their lacking fields.
  • Books and Study material: – Books provided by the institute are thoroughly revised by experienced teachers. Proper concept-wise topics are explained in every subject and practice questions are provided with every exercise. Students are advised to practice as much as possible because exercise involves previous year questions as well.

Indian Air Force Eligibility Factors:

Nationality: Indian and Nepalese

Gender: Male

Marital Status: Unmarried

Age Limit: 21 Years

Educational Qualification: 10+2 PCM for Group X and 10+2 from any branch Science, Arts, and Commerce. For more details check the official notification on the Indian Air Force website. Physical standards: As per the official website.

Selection Criteria:  The selection criteria of Air Force Group X and Group Y is a multiple-stage process including an online entrance examination and physical fitness test. There will be two objective type papers depending upon the trade of application by the candidates. The question format is discussed in the below-mentioned table for the number of total questions, total allotted time and the maximum marks.

Examination Pattern:

GROUP X 20 25 25 60 MINUTES 70 MARKS
GROUP X&Y 20 25 25 30 85 MINUTES 100 MARKS

PFT (Physical Fitness Test): After successful clearance of entrance examination stage candidates have to go through the physical fitness test. The physical fitness test includes the below-mentioned running and other physical activities. Being physically fit is necessarily mandatory for all candidates. Hence every single candidate is bound to pass the physical fitness test. Only physically fit candidates will undergo further interview rounds.

Physical Fitness Test includes:

  • Run: – Distance = 01.60 Km Completion time = 06 Minutes 30 Seconds
  • 10 Push-ups, 10 Sit-ups, and 20 Squats within the given time limit

Interview: All the candidates who will clear the entrance examination and physical fitness test will undergo the interview round. The interviewing team consists of Officers and Warrant ranks. The general medium of the interview in English. Basic working knowledge of English is essential as the official language of the Indian Air Force is English only.

Technical Trades: In case of entries in technical trades specific trade allotment within respective streams of Mechanical and Electronics will be later carried out at Basic Training Institute (BTI), Air Force Belgaum.

Adaptability Test: There are two adaptability tests for both Group X and Group Y trades. The motive of both tests is to check whether the aspirant is aware of the deployments and is ready to adjust in Military Life.

Adaptability Test 01: This test is for both Airforce Group X and Group Y trades. Candidates will need to go through objective type questions. The questions will check the suitability of the aspirants for the Indian Air Force based on deployment in different commands. Every command in the Indian Air Force has different weather, geographic terrain, and operational conditions.

Adaptability Test 02: This test is again for both the trades and is formed with the purpose to check the candidate’s Military environment adaptability.

Final Medical Examination Round: Indian Air Force conducts detailed medical examination which includes the below-mentioned tests.

  • Serum Cholesterol
  • Blood Hemogram – Hb, DLC, TLC
  • Bilirubin, SGPT, SGOT
  • X-Ray chest (PA view)
  • ECG (R)
  • Biochemistry
  • LFT – Serum
  • Urine RE/ME
  • Tests for Narcotic Drug and Psychotropic Substance Abuse
  • Blood Sugar – Fasting and PP
  • Urea, Uric acid, and Creatinine

Detailed Syllabus for different Subjects included in Airmen Entrance Examination:

Electromagnetic Waves and Kinematics Coding decoding and blood relations Trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions Comprehension Awards and honors
Heat and thermodynamics Clocks and calendars Probability and statistics and function, limits and continuity Grammar basics General Politics
Solids and semiconductors devices Number series Indefinite and definite integrals Composition Books and authors
Magnetic effect of current and magnetism Cubes and dices Differentiation and differential equation and application of derivatives Active and Passive Sports and games
Electromagnetic induction and alternating current Nonverbal reasoning and arithmetical reasoning Straight line and conic sections Idioms and Phrases Current affairs both National and International
Gravitation Mirror images and embedded figures Sets relations and functions Narration Change Static history, geography and Indian constitution
Mechanics of solids and fluids and the motion of the system of particles & rigid body Directions, Analogy and Number ranking Boolean Algebra and matrices and determinants   Art, culture, and economics
Current electricity and Optics Alphabet series Exponential and logarithmic series    
Oscillation and Waves Decision Making Mathematical Logic and Binomial theorem    
Laws of motion and Electrostatic   Permutations and combinations and Function, limit, and continuity    
Physical-world and measurement and Atomic Nucleus   The complex number and Binomial theorems    
Heat and thermodynamics   Quadratic equations and linear in equations    
Work, energy, and power   Exponential and logarithmic series    
Principles of communication   Circles and solutions of triangles and sequence and series    
Dual nature of matter and radiation   Cartesian system and mathematical induction    

NDA Coaching in Chandigarh

Course Info

Course Start Date 03/18/2020
Estimated Duration 45 DAYS
Maximum Students 30
Time 06 Days a Week